Portfolio Accounting System

PAS and Rebalancer work behind the scenes in conjunction. While the rebalancer is responsible for generating trade files/orders (or placing them via API, which depends on your setup). PAS is responsible for reconciliation of transactions. Typically a custodian will submit a daily report of all executed transactions, holdings, demographics, unrealized and realized gains and losses. PAS will gather this information compare it with the account information of your clients, verify the trades places by the rebalancer and look for any exceptions that might occur.

Once in awhile it has been known that a custodian will not execute a trade on time, or will only be able to buy a lesser quantity of a given ETF as an example. In this case PAS would flag the transaction and notify an admin that manual reconciliation is required. In some cases, such as minor adjustments or obvious duplications an auto correction might be allowed. With wealthbot.io you’ll be able to control how much freedom you give the potfolio accounting systems to make decisions for you.

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