Client Reporting

All clients wish to see their money in action. We offer them reporting and other tools through self-service portal. Once the relationship is established and the client is being managment by the system, the client would be able to access their dashboard to view performance by account, current and targent holdings, list of transactions, asset allocation, ability to transfer or open new accounts.

For a client we offer all the most sought after features, but what makes even more exciting for the advisor is the ability to fully customize the look and feel of the dashboard and the platform interface.

Because of's open nature and modularity all front-end (presentation and UI) is built on top of the bootstrap framework, that means that one can get a brand new amazing looking template to completely revamp the complete site for just about 20 bucks.

Let’s face it. Web applications get old, newer, sleeker and better designed interfaces spring up all the time.. why not stay with the times and update your look and feel by integrating a new theme rather than being locked in for years into some theme made by your vendor? (albeit with basic color customizations). modularity allows you full control over the UI as well as all other aspects of the system. Not only that, we use open and ubiquitous technologies for all modules of the framework, this means less expensive development, less time and effort to find talent, largest knowledge base of common issues that might be faced when working on an enterprise-level web application.